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About The Event

GTA Hacks is a two day hackathon; over the course of this event, participants will work on a project that revolves around a specific theme. Participants may work in a team of up to 4, then submit your project for judging and win awesome prizes! There will be also be workshops hosted throughout the course of this event where highly qualified speakers will teach about a specific concept! If this is your first Hackathon, do not shy away! GTA Hacks is a beginner-friendly event, not to mention we have many experienced people within the community that will help guide you towards success.





"The only source of knowledge is experience."
- Albert Einstein

Our Mission

HCI Codes primary goal is providing youths opportunities to develop their coding skills by hosting workshops and challenges. We aim to inspire, engage, and empower youths by fostering an inclusive, diverse environment for students to learn, innovate, and solve real-world problems. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, join us for a weekend of learning, networking, and fun!






Frequently Asked Questions

What is GTA Hacks

GTA Hacks is a 48 hour hackathon open to all high school students in the GTA. The main objective of this hackathon is to create a community and connections with other schools across the GTA. The hackathon will take place on February 12th at 12pm EST to February 14th 12pm EST.

Where can I register?

This event is now closed.

Am I only allowed to team up with people from my school?

No, you are not limited to teams that just consist of club members from your school. If you are in need of a teammate and want to meet someone new, head to the #find-a-team in the discord. When looking for a teammate include: your name and what languages you know.

Do you have to live in GTA to participate?

We will allow non-GTA participants, but keep in mind you will not be eligible for Top place prizes, only side prizes (if applicable.) The eligibility for non GTA participants to register and have a chance to win side prizes are you must be: A high school student and live in Ontario

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